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A Few Words about my Nature Photography



As a photographer I endeavor to create images of natural subjects that communicate through light, color and structural composition. My camera is the paintbrush and nature provides all the pigments in my work. My mission as a Photographer is to take some element of the subject I experience, perhaps it is a feeling or a sense of wonderment. My intention is to share as much of this experience or feeling with the viewer that I can. This feeling could be the unbridled spirit of a young Eagle soaring for the very first time. I want my work to communicate to the viewer in its purest expression with out pretense or an agenda. This is what I strive to do with each image I create.


For me photographing the natural world has been a way of life for over twenty years. The selection of nature photography offered through my online store is curated and selected by me personally. I am involved from conception to execution through delivery to your home.  All of my images are available as exclusive Limited Edition Fine Art prints. Every print is corrected by me personally in my studio to ensure the best possible color and quality. In fact I conduct each step of the giclee process in house. That’s right from start to finish no outsourced services of any kind are used. This ensures your  investment by giving it a higher value when compared with other nature photography prints that are outsourced and produced in large quantities. As an artist and photographer I steer clear of a cookie cutter approach when it comes to the execution and production of  my work.   Every print I offer for sale through my web site is printed on Moab Entrada Rag Bright 300 paper. Moab paper is considered one of the finest papers available today. Many curators and collectors revere it for finish and quality, most consider it a benchmark from which all fine art paper is measured. Last but not least, be sure to read the individual item description of the image of you wish to purchase as each one will be limited to number stated it’s description.


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