One does not need to be a rocket scientist in order to find odd search results from Google’s newest search algorithm. The question for photographers and artists is, how does Google’s ranking hurt or help your web site in their search results. For photographers and artist’s this has proven  to be a vexing question as to how accurate Google algorithm and bots are when it comes to web site ranking. I have noticed when performing searches using the same exact key word phrases the results will dramatically vary, even the time of day will change Google’s search results. Finding out your web site is not indexed or perhaps your web site is indexed several hundred thousand pages behind the pack can be extremely frustrating. This is the kiss of death when it comes to visitors exploring your online content. The fact is most online searchers will only look through the first search results,  five to six pages at  best. It has been rumored that Google rotates their search results trying to present a broader spectrum of online content. I personally still question Google’s accuracy in terms of maintaining relative results while they rotate their search results.  When I used the search phrase (nature photography) , I have found ridiculous results, albeit it was late at night.  Google’s results listed a wedding photographer in their search results simply because the word nature appeared in the meta description and key words. I will grant you this appeared twenty or so pages back in Googles results at the time. The screwy thing was, notable photographers were bumped back multiple pages behind this listing.  For those who can financially afford to spend the required mega bucks it takes to attain consistently high page ranking on Google, page ranking is a cinch. Google can be a major headache for independent Artists and Photographers must constantly face the challenges beset upon them with the newest wave of Google algorithms as it assigns their web pages into the annals of palookaville.  Even savvy word smiths out can find it challenging to say the least to maintain reasonably good ranking on Google.  Bottom line from this authors perspective as the saying goes money talks and b.s. walks ; )

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