Photography Classes

by | Jul 14, 2017

Teaching photography is one of my great joys especially when I witness a student having a flash of inspiration which really makes my day. My point of view as a instructor is to teach the related history of the photographic process and technology so that each student understands why things work the way they do. This gives my students a complete and comprehensive overview of the evolution of the photographic process from the advent of film to the digital age. Otherwise a bottle neck in their knowledge occurs and students have a less than comprehensive understanding of the power of photographic image. After all that is what teaching is all about to me.  In my opinion, sharing of knowledge and experiences sparks inspiration which technology alone cannot accomplish.

Foundations of Digital SLR Photography

To truly understand the digital SLR one must have a concept why things work the way they do and the evolution of the photographic process. It is said knowledge is power, assuming this is true one must have an understanding of the evolution from the world of film into the advent of the digital process and ergo the digital SLR.  Once these foundations are understood in concept  a is student ready and prepared  to unleash their potential to create powerful images. Payments may be made through Paypal, Master Card, Visa and Discover card or directly contacting me at .


Photoshop Elements 14

This is an online self paced course that will bring the world of editing and enhancing your photographs easily within your reach. Using Photoshop Elements 14 as a foundation, students will learn how to import their images from their camera into their desired devices and learn the basic skills of editing and enhancement of their photographs. The focus of this class will be on the image editing side of Elements and the respective image editing tools and features. Learn at your own pace as each lesson is available online and can be reviewed by students as needed. Additional online email support will also be provided for thirty days from registration date. Course fee for all three modules is $75.00. Register via email by simply sending a registration request to me at . Paypal, Master Card, Visa and Discover card accepted.

The Wonders of ColorSync


February 2021


Have you been struggling trying to match your monitor to your printer output? Does it seem like they are worlds apart like one person speaking French and another speaking German and neither one knows what the other is saying? Apples ColorSync  enables you to view any color profile in your computer system in a 3D model using RGB or Lab color modalities.

This happens in real time in a three dimensional rendering which shows you the size and gamut of the color profile you have selected.  There is a drop down menu on the upper left hand corner of the preview window. If you select Hold for Comparison it will render that profile in a wire frame which you can then use as an overlay when comparing that profile to another.
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