For those who love  Nature Photography the Pacific Northwest offers unparalleled photo opportunities for shutter bugs. The amount of photo opportunities for landscape photography and beautiful nature pictures is are only limited by your perseverance and love for the great outdoors. From its rugged coastline to its snow capped peaks and dense forests the Northwest is a landscape and nature photographer’s paradise. One of my personal favorite type of landscape images are reflection shots. The first image that appears in this post is of Picture Lake. This is one of the most widley photographed locations in the world and is worthy of its name and reputation. Visitors who arrive at the right time of day and year are rewarded with a fantastic panoramic reflection of Mount Shuksan. In fact, the drive along Mount Baker Highway affords many great opportunities that should not be missed by the intrepid photographer. Summer sunsets are striking, lakes and rivers team with wildlife. Winter runs of salmon bring large gatherings of Bald Eagles which is a spectacle to witness and photograph.

Picture Lake draws more photographers each and every year, early fall color are outstanding here and one should not pass up a photo opp at this stellar location. Be sure to bring a steady tripod and a cable release so you can set a wide depth of field. If you camera has profile settings, I would suggest you lightly pop your saturation levels. The key here is to make subtle changes in saturation so you avoid having over exaggerated colors. This can become a nightmere to color correct later on. Some shutter bugs use a graduated  neutral density filter however I prefer to wait  it out for the right kind of light. I have often will travel back to a location another day just  so I can capture more subtle tones I may miss on a overly bright day.


This google map will guide you to Picture Lake however do be sure explore the many photo opportunities along the way. Highway 542 traverses many different types of terrain and in the fall the Nooksack River  teams with migrating Salmon and of course Resident Bald Eagles. One needs to exercise caution along the river bed as the shoreline can be very slippery.

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